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Juliana Spicoluk 10-Minute Wake Up Morning Yoga Workout | Boho Beautiful

Juliana Spicoluk 10-Minute Wake Up Morning Yoga Workout | Boho Beautiful

Juliana Spicoluk of the Youtube channel Boho Beautiful wakes up your body and mind with in this 10-minute at-home yoga workout video. This yoga workout is a great way to release sore and achy muscles at the start the day or anytime during the day. Since this yoga workout focuses on easy yoga postures, it’s suitable for all levels of experience.

New to yoga workouts?

Yoga is a mind and body practice with roots in ancient Indian philosophy. Yoga combines exercise, breath control, relaxation, and meditation to help develop harmony between your body, mind, and environment. On top of a great workout, yoga’s focus on meditation and breath can help improve mental clarity, calmness, and body awareness. Yoga can also help relieve stress, relax the mind and body, and can even help sharpen your concentration! Get ready for a full-body workout focused on strengthening your core and flexibility, with so many more benefits bundled in!

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