Caleb Marshall 5-Minute Cardio Dance Workout to Raye’s Call On Me | The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall of the YouTube channel The Fitness Marshall brings the fire with this 5-minute Cardio Dance Workout to Raye’s Call On Me. This routine will lift your spirits and have you dancin’ your way into shape! This routine is perfect for those who are just starting out with dance cardio, yet it also provides a good challenge for seasoned dancers.

New to cardio dance workouts?

Cardio dance exercises pair musical rhythms with choreographed dance moves to create a dynamic workout that’s designed for endorphin-pumping fun! You may have heard of some types of cardio dance workouts like Zumba and hip hop, for instance. Best part about doing these dances at home? Nobody can see if you’re nailing the choreography perfectly so the pressure’s off! Just have fun, move to the music, and get your heart rate elevated!

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