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40-Minute Aerobic Intervals with Sufferfest Torque Monster | Global Cycling Network

40-Minute Aerobic Intervals with Sufferfest Torque Monster | Global Cycling Network

Youtube channel Global Cycling Network turns up the heat and the torque in this 40-minute at-home indoor cycling workout video. Put your bike on the trainer or hop on your spin bike and bring a towel because you’ll be sweating buckets 💦.

New to indoor cycling workouts?

Also called spinning, indoor cycling focuses on endurance and strength with a variety of high-intensity intervals cued to music or landscapes from video scenery. Indoor cycling workouts are fantastic way to lose weight, improve heart health, and boost muscle endurance — all with a low impact to your joints. And unlike outdoor riding, you’ll always be with your peloton and can adjust your workout to the intensity that is right for you. By the end of these indoor cycling workouts, you’ll be feeling like king or queen of the mountain with all those feel-good endorphins flowing. Get on your stationary bicycle or trainer of choice, and join us for these calorie-crushing workouts!

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