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Marnie Alton 30-Minute No Equipment Sculpting Barre Workout | POPSUGAR

Marnie Alton 30-Minute No Equipment Sculpting Barre Workout | POPSUGAR

Marnie Alton of the Youtube channel POPSUGAR Fitness brings the heat in this 30-minute at-home core-sculpting barre workout video. This barre workout is super convenient because it can be done from anywhere and trust us when we tell you that it packs a punch 👊!

New to barre workouts?

Barre workouts are inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates. These targeted workouts focus on low-impact, high-intensity exercises that strengthen and tone your body. Barre involves using your own body weight, and sometimes light weights, exercise balls, and bands as resistance to target, tone, and stretch muscles. Most barre workouts focus on the arms, core, legs, and glutes so you can expect a full-body toning workout. Many of the movements are small and repetitive, but you’ll be surprised to see the difference these tiny movements can make!

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